Top villa in Goa

Top villa in Goa

Goa is the most important destination of beach lovers. Goa is one of the most visited places in India. If you love beaches and love to enjoy night parties than Goa may suit you. If you plan to visit India than once you try to visit Goa you really like a lot.

Goa has a lot of activity which heel you to come back here. Once you visit here if you love beaches and summer water activity.

Now we tell you about the best villa for you. There is a lot of villa in Goa but we select some best villa for you which we really like a lot.



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Goa is full of the villa so it’s very difficult to say it’s the best villa in Goa or not. We select some best villas which we really love to live in This is one of them. Villa is fully furnished with all facilities built-in 2010. If you visit Villa than surely love it. We discuss it’s all amenities below hope you like it.

It has an outdoor swimming pool which increases the beauty of the villa. A big garden area as you have seen in the image with Coconut trees. The sightseeing near the villa also fantastic. If you are a Data lover than villa also provides you free unlimited wifi facilities which help you a lot with your work.

All rooms have also built with great facilities. All rooms have it’s own bathrooms. You have got a private balcony with each room which has beautiful sights. Villa owner cares a lot of his costumers so he provides air condition in each room. you have also got a wardrove in each room for your luggage.



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As you see the picture of the room it’s a very maintained and well-designed villa. If you plan for a family trip then also it’s comfortable for you and your family. As we say you Goa city has a lot of beautiful villas we select some beautiful villas this is one of them Hope you like it.

Now we discuss some beautiful places near the villas. The most famous church St Francis of Assisi is near to the villa it’s the distance of about 0.6 can enjoy your evening there. There is a lot of tourists attraction also near the villas. Goa international airport also near the villa at approx 17 mi.

If we talk about the room balcony sightseeing than it has premium Bedrooms with a river view and another bedroom has a beautiful garden view. Both types of rooms are premium and king-size bedrooms or master bedrooms.



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Most popular facilities –

It has unlimited free wifi which helps you with your work.

A well-maintained swimming pool builds the indoor garden you can enjoy it. A well maintained outdoor pool also available.

The best way to visit Goa is a bike or scooter. If you plan to hire a bike or scooter than the villa has also free parking which helps you a lot.

If you love spa than it has also a spa which releases your tensions.

Villa has also available for the family so you may book the entire villa for your family party also.


Victoriya arc is only 0.9 mi far from the villa.

River cruise 9 km.

Bridge pungi 9.2 km.

Goa State Museum 9.4 km.

Salim Ali bird century 6 km.

Old Goa main church 1 km.

These are the most attractive place near the villa. If you know about the activity place near the villa than click the book now button on upper and visit the villa website. I hope you like our selection.


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